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Up and Coming Artist…Watch this space!

Having not seen this guy since primary school and thanks to the delights of social media, I have been introduced to one of the most talented musicians I’ve ever come across.

Ross Bowditch has probably one of the most soulful voices I’ve heard in the last ten years or so. Having been in a band called The Celladores, he has travelled from bar to bar and picked up quite a fan base. He writes his own songs, sings and plays them himself.

If anyone deserves a record contract it is Ross as he has worked extremely hard to get to where he is today.

Why not give him a go? Check out his You Tube page here…I guarantee that you will love him!


Fright Night 3D

In this remake of a classic 1985 horror we have Colin Farrell stepping in the shoes as the Vampire next door, and I have to say, he does a very good job. Now I’m not usually one for remakes but I thoroughly enjoyed this revamp of Fright Night (no pun intended!).

Featuring the likes of upcoming young actor Anton Yelchin (Terminator Salvation, Star Trek) as our hero and David Tennant (Doctor Who) as theatrical vampire slayer, Peter Vincent, we also have a great supporting cast with Toni Collette (Muriel’s Wedding, Sixth Sense), Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Imogen Poots and Dave Franco.

Teenager Charley Brewster guesses that his new neighbour Jerry Dandrige is a vampire responsible for a string of recent deaths. When no one he knows believes him, he enlists Peter Vincent, a self proclaimed vampire killer and Las Vegas magician, to help him take down Jerry. You can’t run from evil when it lives next door!

The question is now, though, we will have a trilogy like the originals…?

All in all I give Fright Night 3D an overall 8.5 out of 10 as it gains an extra half mark for the 3D delights of Colin Farrell and David Tennant 😉

Ten Years Later

It’s still hard to believe the events that took place ten years ago on this very day. I remember it very well. I was working at Butlins Holiday Resort, Bognor Regis at the time the attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York took place when a gentleman came running into the place I was working in at the time. I was talking to Libby Allen (now Hutchby) about something or other and he asked us if we had seen the news. We hadn’t and he proceeded to tell us that a plane had flown into one of the WTC towers in NYC. I automatically thought it was an accident, well, you would, I mean who in their right mind would do something like that delibrately. But of course, that wasn’t the case. That was when someone else came in to say that a second plane had hit the other tower, you knew it wasn’t.
That evening I watched the TV in my room in tears as I saw the horror of what had happened that fateful day. It was like watching something from a Hollywood blockbuster. It just didn’t seem real. Seeing the people leaping from windows, wondering what the desperation was they felt was when they realised they had no choice. It was heartbreaking.
And for the preceeding days afterwards where we watched in hope that they would find survivors amongst the rubble of what used to stand tall and proud. There are many conspiracies going round right now about what happened that fateful day but whatever it was, it doesn’t matter now, what matters is the innocent lives of the people who worked there and the heroes who tragically lost there lives when the towers collapsed. And for those of course who were on board the 4 ill-fated flights. You are gone but never forgotten and I hope you will forever rest in peace. You are in the hearts of all our American cousins and in each and every one of us across the world. This is my tribute to you. And I feel for the families who still feel the losses today but who have also remained strong throughout the years since they lost loved ones. My thoughts are with you and will always remain that way.

Cowboys and Aliens

If I have one thing to say about this movie, it would be Pure Non-Stop Action with two of Hollywood’s Hottest Actors… Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford. This is one of those movies that would have looked epic in 3D but still, 2D was magical!

Daniel Craig stars as Jake Lonergan, a rebel with a heart, who is a stranger with no memory. He has visions of a woman and experiments being done on him in his sleep.

When he rides into Absolution, he has a run-in with the local iron-fisted Colonel’s son which results in both of them being arrested. When the Colonel turns up and demands for his son to be released and for Jake’s head, a whole heap of trouble breaks out when some aliens show up to spoil the party.

As they begin abducting town’s folk, Jake and the Colonel must join forces with the native Americans to take the battle back to the aliens and save those who have been abducted from the clutches of those who aren’t from round these parts.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed Cowboys and Aliens and am looking forward to adding it to my DVD collection when it comes out. Would have been better in 3D but stunning special effects, a stellar cast and great storyline bring the final score up to 9 out of 10.

Next Review: Fright Night 3D

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Well, it’s been a good while since I saw this movie at the cinema so I will do my very best to write a good review about it.

James Franco plays Will Rodman, a scientist who is trying to find the cure to Alzheimers. Having secretly been testing his wonder-drug creation on his father, Charles (John Lithgo) after an ape showed signs of incredible, increased intelligence, things of course begin to go wrong in the lives of the Rodman family.

After the ape test subject begins to show signs of violence and attacks those who may be looking into investing in the wonderdrug, and is shot dead, Will takes matters into his own hands when he smuggles out an infant Chimpanzee and uses him in his experiments at home.

Caesar, the Chimpanzee, becomes one of the family and again shows increased signs of intelligence. But when his “grandfather”, Charles starts to lose his mind again, Caesar becomes overprotective and attacks a neighbour, forcing Will to give him up. He is taken to a holding facility run by John Landon (Brian Cox) and is subjected to torture and abuse from Landon’s son, Dodge (Tom Felton). But Caesar is no ordinary Chimpanzee, and he leads a revolution with the other primates to take over San Francisco.

When a battle breaks out on the Golden Gate bridge between the apes and the authorities, Will realises that Caesar just wants to be free and they escape into Muir Woods to live out there natural lives.

All in all, it was a reasonable take on a prequel to the 60s originals with a great cast and good special effects. I give Rise of the Planet of the Apes an 8 out of 10.

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