My Experience Of Being Burgled

It Sucks. There’s not much you can say about it really. To walk back into the place you call home and find that your life had been violated is a terrifying experience. No words can describe the emotions you feel when you walk around your home and see the mess that had been left and the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realise what was missing…laptops, cameras and jewellery. Things you take for granted and memories you can never replace. My laptop was my life. It may seem materialistic to some but it contained my stories and photos; useless things to anyone but me. A video camera containing videos of Australia, pet rats, Mackenzie (worse still, his christening). Physical items can be replaced but the memories inside cannot. I shadowed the scenes of crime officer as she forensically examined the property. A fascinating subject I find interesting, despite the horrible events that took place earlier that evening. I learnt a lot and she was kind enough to show me various examples of prints, sadly the ones she did find belonged to Daniel, as the perpetrators were wearing gloves. We cleaned up everything after everyone else went home and things started sinking in. The aftermath is the worst thing as I had been left with the fear that they may come back and try again. All the “what-ifs” went flooding through my mind. What if they come back while I’m here by myself with Mackenzie? What if they come back while we are out again? I’m scared to be here and I’m scared to go out. I watch everyone go past as a potential suspect. Things were made worse by the PCSO that came round for a chat as she made it out to be our fault that we were burgled and that now we had been targeted it could happen again. I’m now so scared that I just want to move away from here. If I’m being honest about the whole thing, I’ve never felt this place as being my home all the time I have been here. And I don’t think I ever well. It doesn’t matter how much you redecorate or change the layout of the house, in the back of my mind its always going to be the house he had his previous life. Mackenzie and I are never going to feel part of it because it will always be hanging over my head.


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