After Sharon left, I started working a lot of hours and was raking in some overtime, I was in charge of doing the timesheets for our building and Dave would always sign them no questions asked. Colin caught wind of the hours I was putting down and questioned them one day, claiming I was falsifying my time sheets. He wasn’t going to pay me for the hours I did until Dave stuck up for me and said, the building opens at 8am I run the shipping until 9, do my usual office work until 5pm, run the shipping till 6, then help the boys in the warehouse until 8 because we were working with skeleton staff down there. I was also doing Saturdays and Sundays most weekends. They refused to get a clock in machine down there so we got a security guard instead who confirmed I was there at those hours, therefore had no choice but to pay me when they saw me sign in at 8am and out at 8pm on a daily basis. I really didn’t like Colin; he was ex-Army and didn’t like anyone with an opinion, especially Dave. He was looking for an excuse to get rid of Dave, but because he could find no fault there was no excuse, so he decided to shake things up by ditching our Bonded Warehouse status, meaning we no longer dealt with customs. He then made Dave redundant, convinced Mr David (Gold), to sell the building and transfer some of the stock to Whyteleafe and the rest of it well out in the sticks to Paddock Wood. I then had to basically apply for my own job as they were making my current role redundant. It was for more money but would mean having to travel to and from Paddock Wood every day which turned out would be lengthy and expensive. Everyone I knew fought for me to stay in the company and even tried to get me transferred to their departments if it meant I would be made redundant. There was a huge campaign going within the Buying Department, they had put up posters, set up a Facebook group and drew up a petition, sending it directly to Colin Burman. Though I was extremely flattered at what they were doing, outside of work I was feeling very low and under-appreciated by the new management that they felt the need for me to apply for my own job. I told Stuart, my new Supervisor, how bad I was feeling and he was very understanding. He told me from the short amount of time he had been working with me, he didn’t see any reason as to why they wouldn’t want me in the job and that I shouldn’t worry. No matter what he said though, it was falling on deaf ears. I would sit in my office and cry by myself. Being alone probably didn’t help. Neither did watching the warehouse being packed up around me. I hated change. That may have been the problem, I had gotten comfortable. I was in the job for almost five years and here I was with the possibility of redundancy being thrust upon me, even though nobody would let that happen, except Colin Burman.


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