Back To The Doctors For The Last Time

I went back to the doctors in Caterham to see Dr Lewis about the sickness I was still feeling. I was trying everything I could think of. The main thing that would set it off though was the smell in Daniel’s car, as soon as I got in there, I would vomit. Leaving work in the evening made my stomach churn at the thought of getting in the car. I explained all this to the doctor. He couldn’t come up with any suggestions other than air fresheners, but there were tons of them in there anyway. The next thing he asked me confused me slightly and that was whether I had taken a pregnancy test. I told him I hadn’t and he suggested I go and get one just in case. I left the doctors and walked round to Boots, feeling somewhat nervous now at what he said. I bought the Clear Blue one that predicts how far along you are…if you are. I put it in my bag and headed to work. As I got off the bus in Merstham and walked the short distance to Darby House, I put the test in my jacket pocket. Thankfully I needed to use the toilet so I quickly dropped my bag in the office, said hello and dashed to the loos, taking the test at the same time. I placed the stick on the window still, flushed the toilet and sat on the closed toilet seat. They were probably the longest few minutes of my life, I picked the stick back up and looked at the digital window. My hands were trembling as I felt a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, the screen said Pregnant 3+, meaning I was over three weeks gone. I was in shock and burst into tears, I didn’t know what to do. Suddenly I was forced with the reality of redundancy and pregnancy at the same time. I didn’t know what to do. I knew the first thing I should do was tell Daniel but with the situation we were suddenly forced into, I had no idea how he would react. For some reason, I thought he would be mad at me. The only person I could think of speaking to was Kat as she was pregnant too so would know exactly how I was feeling at that moment in time. I sent her a text message from within the toilets and before I knew it she came bursting in through the door, throwing her arms around me. I sank to the floor and explained that it couldn’t have come at the worst possible time. After I told her, Daniel and Matt, everything else became a bit of a blur. I still couldn’t get my head around the new situation I had found myself in. I was terrified at what could happen. As the weeks towards redundancy crept ever closer, I found myself looking forward to getting out of NSI and Patrol Store. I’d over heard the backstabbing conversations that took place in my absence and even read some of the private letters and conversations sent between the other members of staff. If they were that private, why save them in a public folder where anybody could read them? Especially the person who they were all about. I found all the job adverts saved in a public folder as well, dated before the decision to make me redundant had even been made (apparently). This had been on the cards for some time and the only one who seemed to have been standing up for me all that time was the person I least expected it to be; Matt. His letter to Geoff stated, and I remember it quite well, “Although Liane does have to have a lot of time off for various doctor’s appointments, when she is here, her working ability is second to none.” Aran’s statement upset me the most, and I don’t know why I remained friends with the backstabbing gimp. The sentence that imprinted the most was, “Liane may be a good worker when she is here, but Patrol Store needs a member of staff who is more reliable and isn’t going to go running to the doctor’s every five minutes.” I would like to take this opportunity to remind him of all the time he had off for Chiropractor appointments or to sort his brother out, who has some major life issues. But of course, Aran gets special treatment from Geoff as he’s a Yes Man and a brown noser. In fact he has his head so far up Geoff’s ass that sometimes you can’t tell where one ends and the other begins. I was beginning to count down the days. But rather than be half assed about the job, I decided to up my game in the customer services role. Matt had had words with Geoff and told him that I was not working downstairs in the warehouse as I was pregnant. Even then the fucker was going to try and force me to work down there. That was until Matt started reeling off about health and safety issues, and it being immoral. He told me what he said to Geoff and that he had swapped mine and Dave’s job roles around. Now why couldn’t they just have done that in the beginning instead of making me redundant? Anyway, because of all the things I had discovered about the backstabbing going on, I really upped my game with my customer services, so that when everyone phoned in, they asked for me. In my last two weeks, to the customers I was known as the “really helpful lady who gets things done in record.” I was stepping on everybody’s toes and making Aran, Dave and Sofia’s customer services look terrible in comparison to what I was achieving. Even all the suppliers phoned back and said they much rather dealt with me before Sofia took over. When it got to my final week I started to tell the regular customers and suppliers that it was my last week there. The comments I got were unbelievable. A few of them said they wanted to be put through to the management to ask what the hell was going through their heads letting me go. When I said it was down to redundancy, they even said that didn’t make sense as it always seemed so busy. It was, very. I joked with them by saying they must not have liked me or something. One customer, who was very regular, by the name of Paul and had a very Irish accent, said it was because they were jealous as I did a better job than any of them put together. It made me smile and bought a tear to me eye. Even after I left, Kat would tell me that customers were still asking for me and reluctantly spoke to either Sofia or Di. My plan had worked. I had built up an excellent reputation for customer services, only to have it come toppling down the moment I left. On my last day there was hardly anybody in the office. Aran was off sick, Di and Sofia were on holiday, leaving Dave, Matt and I to run Patrol Store. Dave was warehouse bound until I had to nip off to have my first ultrasound scan at the hospital and then he helped in the office later on in the afternoon. None of the rest of NSI acknowledged it was my last day, nobody came to say goodbye. Kat would have done, but she was on holiday as well.  I had to physically go in and see Geoff at the end of the day to remind him I would no longer be coming back again. It was like he had forgotten. I had been there just over three years and while everyone else got fancy presentations to wish them luck with their future, I got nothing. I felt hurt and used, and I cried when I got in the car with Daniel. We then drove home and I was down and depressed for the rest of the evening as reality began to sink in that I was a pregnant lady with no job.


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