The Rise and Fall Of My Time With Patrol Store

Work was going well and they were talking about getting a new website up and running so we had countless meetings about what improvements and changes we would like to see. I don’t know what my input was meant to achieve as I pretty much lived in the warehouse. I implemented a location system and put everything in stock code order, hopefully making it easier should anyone else go to work in there. I had my own goals and I had drive, but certain people obviously didn’t like my independence as they felt I needed to be managed and be set targets, I’m not that sort of person. Andy and Aran were always happy to let me get on with my own thing. Matt and Geoff, however, did not. When Tasking Tuesday began to happen and they bought in someone to supervise me, things went downhill rapidly. Steve was a really nice guy and appreciated my taste in music but he had to make sure the warehouse was in a tidy state and as I was working on my own, with no breaks, I was penalised for not having the time to keep the warehouse tidy as well as do all the picking and packing. I admit, I had let things go a little in there, but when I was packing up to 100 orders a day on average, more on Mondays, it was difficult to keep a grip on keeping boxes flat packed and dust off the floor. My back was getting worse and I was really struggling. Most days I would sit in the corner of the warehouse at the end of the day, shaking and shivering from pain, with tears rolling down my face. Steve caught me one day and called Matt and Aran down. They both finished off the work for me and made sure the warehouse was tidy, while I sat back being made to feel guilty for being in so much pain. To also show how heartless management could be in that place, a week after my Grandfather passed away, and the day after his funeral, although I did not attend, I was handed a written warning for my lack of performance in the warehouse and summoned for a meeting the following day. I was brought up on my attitude towards work; clearly my Grandfather dying and being in considerable amounts of pain on a daily basis didn’t allow them to show any compassion. I felt let down and angry, as well as hurt and used for all the times I had worked extra hard and those free hours for them. But of course, things you do in the past didn’t matter to them. It was all about what you do in the future. I started to feel depressed again and really didn’t want to work for them anymore, I made that perfectly clear as well, my future was not with NSI. My bridges had been well and truly burnt with them. Long gone were the good old days and in were the long, stressful and depressing days. I was beginning to get into a very dark place again. I wouldn’t talk to anyone about it though and bottled it all up. Every now and again I would go and sit in the toilet cubicle and cry my heart out when everything got on top of me. I didn’t tell Daniel what I was going through as I didn’t want to burden him as he had enough going on his plate. I wasn’t taking lunch breaks and was taking an abundance of paracetamol to try and numb the pain. I had stopped taking my anti-depressants a few months ago. I wish I hadn’t, but I thought I didn’t need them anymore. How wrong I was. I was deeply depressed on the inside and tried so hard not to show it. More and more staff joined Patrol Store, giving me a little extra help in the warehouse and meaning I could be in the office a little bit more. I know in the beginning I preferred it the other way around but since I started to really suffer with my back and feel depressed about everything, I was kind of glad of the reprieve. My first helper came in the form of Jamie, he was a good friend of Aran’s and was supposed to be this really great worker who turned around the performance of the place where he supervised. Don’t get me wrong, I love the guy to bits and we had some good times with Genesis and Phil Collins music, but boy, was a lazy shit. Not only that but he would take naps in the warehouse. Who does that? He made himself a little nest on a pallet and some broken down boxes. That was probably the only boxes he did break down though. Matt used to fly off the handle at me for the state of the warehouse. Jamie would leave strapping, shrink wrap, empty boxes and paper everywhere. He was off sick a lot and I don’t recall him doing a full month. Mondays were usually his day off. He had a problem with his heart and I think that may have affected him even though he wouldn’t say it did. Sadly he was fired after a few months for poor performance and time keeping. Despite all that though, he is a really nice bloke and I hope he’s doing better for himself now. While Jamie was there though, I was spending as much time as I could in the office, milking it a little with blog posts and other admin tasks. I was having a good laugh in the office with Sofia and Dave, and even Matt would have a joke every now and again, until he was drafted onto a desk outside Geoff’s office. I guess I felt a little sorry for him at that point. Only a little bit though. My mood was lifting slightly. They brought in another guy for an interview one day to help Jamie in the warehouse. Ross was a sweet guy and lived in the same house as Dave. He was early for his interview so sat in our office and we chatted about DC Comics and Marvel characters. Thankfully he got the job and I trained him on his first day as Jamie was off sick. I was impressed I have to say. He picked things up extremely quickly and to see him pick up the broom at the end of the day without being asked was unbelievable. He even swept places I didn’t even know existed. He was brilliant. One day he was working in the warehouse with Jamie on his second week of being there. Sofia had just come back from lunch and was about to come back up to the office when she heard Jamie screaming for help. She rushed in to see what the commotion was about only to see Ross fitting on the floor. They called an ambulance and Matt went off to the hospital with him. The managers then had a meeting with Geoff to decide on what course of action to take. Geoff’s instant reaction was, “I want him gone as he’s a health and safety risk.” You can’t do that to someone. It’s discrimination for a start. They got around it though because he hadn’t declared that he was epileptic when he applied for the job, nor at his interview. He said the reason he didn’t was because it had been three years since he’d had an episode so didn’t think it would happen again. That was me back in the warehouse with lazy Jamie and it was getting close to Christmas time, so I knew things were about to get really bad. Thankfully Matt took a bit of pity on me and sent Dave down to help Jamie, while I only helped out on Mondays or whenever sick note was off. Sofia was moaning about Dave spending time in the warehouse as he was employed as her member of staff, so of course things between us became a little rocky and her Matt came to blows over Mr Berman. I ended up having a breakdown in the middle of the office and snapped, I told Sofia if she didn’t want my help and would rather have Dave, then she can do it herself. I was expecting another written warning from Matt but instead both him and Aran stood there and clapped, leaving Sofia a little sheepish. She apologised and explained that with Dave she felt like she could supervise him and tell him what to do, with me she felt as though she couldn’t do that because I’m older and had more experience than her. I apologised for snapping at her and said that she didn’t have to feel like that, and if she wanted something doing then to ask me rather than tasking me with a sheet of paper as I hated that. We laughed about it afterwards and the amnesty between us cleared.


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