Goodbye Sarah Jane Smith…Doctor Who

It’s always a shame when someone dies but when it is someone amazing like Elisabeth Sladen who has touched so many lives it makes it even worse. A very talented actress and all round, genuinely nice human being I remember seeing her on a re-run of Doctor Who when I was a child in the 80s. There she was travelling through time and space in a little blue box with Tom Baker (the one with the scarf as he is fondly thought of) and at that age I always wanted to be as cool as her. She gave me focus and took my mind of some bad stuff that was going on at the time and got me through it. I remember running around the school playground pretending I was Sarah Jane Smith when my friends would be She-Ra or the likes. And it’s because of those times I love Doctor Who now as much as I did then. It was a great thing to see her back with David Tennant and Billie Piper, then again in the last episodes of Catherine Tate’s run as the companion. She was that awesome they even gave her a well deserved spin-off show with The Sarah Jane Adventures. That is how much everyone thought of her and will continue to think of her after her untimely death. Briefly meeting her in London was one of the best days of my life. A very kind lady who stopped to say hello to people despite her publicist trying to usher her away for another appointment.

There are a small number of celebrities where it would hit me hard when they pass on and Elisabeth Sladen was one of them. All I can say is that you touched so many lives and I hope you realised that. May you forever rest in peace. Goodbye Sarah Jane Smith.


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  1. Doctor Who Fanatic

    Such a great loss. And I agree she was an amazing person and actress. I have seen every episode of Doctor Who since the beginning and far too many have been lost on that show…Jon Pertwee, Nicholas Courtney and now the beautiful Liz Sladen. I just hope there’s not a curse on The Doctor! Great blog post, you have a talent with words, mam.

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