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Tangalooma…Aboriginal for “Where the fish meet”

Arrived at Brisbane airport at around 9.30am after 3 nights in Adelaide. Wasn’t blown away by there and when the hotel staff recommend you don’t stay out for too long after dark as it gets a bit hairy it doesn’t give you much of a good opinion of the area. The flight they booked us on was far too early for the launch boat that we were scheduled to be on. Sat twiddling thumbs at the airport for a couple of hours then went down to Holt Street Wharf which is in the middle of an industrial site. Not the greatest place in the world. Sat around there for a couple of hours and got on the boat at 5pm. Had a lovely sunset on the way over here. Walking down the jetty when we arrived the dolphins were happily swimming and feeding as we walked past. The hotel room is amazing. It’s more like an apartment. I could quite happily live in here. It was dark outside so I didn’t know what the view would be like during the day but what I saw this morning was something else. Less than 2 minutes from the sea I had the most welcoming view of the beach this morning. Palm trees and a pool outside the window. I’m in heaven. This place is great and it’s made me want to go to California even more than ever. Anyway, it’s still early in the day at the moment, I’ve just come off the beach and I got dolphin feeding later so will blog more then…
I decided to do some paragliding earlier. That was fun. Makes me wanna go skydiving! Being above everything gives you a better perspective of things. I did want to go on the quad bikes as well but there wasn’t enough time unfortunately. Man, one day is not enough on this island! There is so much to do here! So the dolphin feeding…that was amazing. The most incredible thing I have experienced since feeding a kangaroo. The guys and gals that work here have the best jobs in the world. It kind of reminds me of my days at Butlins actually as they seem to run the same way as we did. After I came back to my hotel room for a shower I went down to the bar as they had a karaoke going. Did I have a go? Yes, of course I did. When do I not have a go? It’s pretty cool when the entertainment staff come up to you afterwards as well and offer you a job on their team because of it as well lol. Oh well, alas it is my last night in Australia and what a way to end it as well! Thanks for everything the land of Down Under and I really hope I can see you again soon…well, Sydney and Tangalooma at the least.


Kangaroo Island…but where are the Kangaroos?

So, Adelaide…what do I have to say about Adelaide? Hmm, it’s alright but it’s no Sydney. The hotel room is okay but not too pleased about being next to a nightclub. But hey, it’ll be three nights and they have an awesome walk in power shower so it goes up in my expectations for that reason. And a gym/sauna too so not all bad. Anyway, today was a trip to Kangaroo Island. With little or no information about what we were doing or who to meet, worse still, where to go we got there without any hic-ups (the only ones came from me after drinking the “Mother” of all energy drinks too quickly – I needed it after no sleep). Got to the airport and flew out on a tiny plane, was cool though and only 20 mins! Arrived at the island and went to the Emu Eucalyptus Plant first of all to wait for the coach to go round the highlights of Kangaroo Island. First stop was Seal Bay to get up close and personal with some seals at a bay. Well, I say up close and personal about 6 metres away was as far as you could go as they are wild and could kill you if felt threatened. I’ll keep my distance then. Was very nice…blue sea and White sand with sleeping seals. We stopped off for lunch at Vivonne Bay Bistro. The roasted vegetable soup was awesome. Then we headed down to see some Birds of Prey fly around. Dave Irwin (no relation) gave an excellent show of some lovely birds. Started with Kes the Kestral then out came an owl who was very friendly and enjoyed sitting on peoples laps who were in the front row. The laughing Cookaburas (sorry for the spelling) were something else though. I got to wear the magic glove and had one perched on it. Feathers were so soft. Did get a photo but it didn’t come out as the person who took it had the camera focussed on the back of someones head in front. Disapointing but a lovely moment with nature. We then drove through Flinders Chase National Park before heading out to the Remarkable Rocks. They look so cool and were fun to climb! Back up the top of the steep hill was the Cape du Couedic Lighthouse. The cottages nearby are now used as accomodation for holiday makers. Then there was a steep decent down to Admirals Arch. A spectacular, natural arch that had been formed by erosion from the pounding seas. Looking through it was almost like looking through the jaws of a dangerous creature. Incredible sight. Very windy though. Then it was back up to Flinders Chase where we stopped off briefly at the Visitors Centre so we could buy souvenirs if we wanted to. Then it was back to Kingscote Airport so we could fly back to Adelaide. The sun had already gone down but when we got above the clouds we were presented with the most amazing colours I have seen. Burnt orange sky. Beautiful! That sort of thing makes you realise the world is a big place with so much to see. And I want to do it! I want to go everywhere and see as much as I can. Lifes too short to worry about work. I love you guys at NSI but there is so much out there and as soon as I can I’m going and taking Daniel with me…that’s if he wants to come of course…Anyway, next blog will be in a few days from Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort…until then…

Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

G’Day Melbourne! After two flights from Ayers Rock and Alice Springs (ugh!) arrived in Melbourne around 3pm. Staying in another travelodge like the one in Sydney. This room is much better though, only on the 6th floor and has a sofa! How cool! Only in this one for the two nights though before flying out to Adelaide on Saturday. Tomorrow is the tour of Ramsey Street so will blog more then… I have to say thou, WTF is with all the rain?!? It’s following me wherever I go…Singapore, Sydney, Ayers Rock, transfer at Alice Springs and now Melbourne! Think when I’ve saved enough to bring Daniel here it will be summer time lol.
Neighbours…every body needs good neighbours… Excellent tour. Headed down past Erinsborough High and to the set where they have the car lot, garage, bric a brac store and greasy monkey cafe. Met Alan Fletcher who plays Dr Karl Kennedy with autographs and photos…yes Kat I got you and Stuart one each as well x
Went to the real street where they use the exterior to film for Ramsey St, only six houses down there but instantly recognisable. Took lots of pics. Going to head down to the river once it gets dark, looks like it will look good all lit up nicely. Flying out to Adelaide tomorrow. Until Kangaroo Island on Sunday, I bid you farewell for a couple of days.

Ayers Rock

So, I got up really early to go and see some big rock in the centre of australia. You can see why the call this place the Red Centre…it’s like walking on Mars! Red sand everywhere. Was pleasant seeing grass for the first time in ten days though. Anyway, Ayers Rock (known locally as Ulluru) is pretty impressive, the rain however is not. No sunrise as was planned, nor a two hour aboriginal guided walk around the rock. Instead the tour guide drove us round and we stopped every now and then to take pics, except for the sacred spots. You can climb the rock but with the rain it was shut for climbers. All there was to support you going up a 45 degree angle was a chain attached to the bottom and top of Ulluru. They try to discourage you from climbing it by saying 37 people have died from falling since it opened to tourists. How cool would it be to say you climbed Ayers Rock though? That would be pretty awesome. It’s still raining outside (pretty heavilly) so I’ve decided not to do the sunset tour as it will be another washout and won’t see anything good, however, the waterfalls that formed on the rock happens only every ten years and we were one of the lucky few to witness that today so that’s something pretty spectacular. Another thing I hate about the rain…spiders! And Australia has them in the massive! Thankfully the one in my room that the nice porter man came and got for me was known as a house spider and nothing dangerous…these bastards are huge though! I thought ours were big but this one was about the size of my hand! Think I’ll sleep with one eye open tonight and look forward to flying out to Melbourne tomorrow…ah, back to the city! Don’t really like being in the middle of nowhere, it’s okay if Daniel was here but not so cool without him…9 days and counting to go! Miss you so much and love you forever xxx
Oh, Kangaroo, Crocodile and Emu meat…not a fan at all. Sampled today and not impressed by it.

Last Day in Sydney

Today was the last day in sydney, crikey! Eight days in the city, next off into the outback…gonna be a big difference! Went for a cruise along the harbour, seeing sights like the bridge, opera house, shark island (didn’t spot any great whites but the guide said that someone lost a leg out there a few weeks ago), taronga zoo, fort Denison, Luna park and darling harbour. Bought myself a crocodile dundee hat, bartered with the shop keeper so got 10% discount…don’t ask, don’t get… Took some more night snaps, back at the hotel now. All packed up and watching Criminal Minds…the awesome Tim Curry co-stars as the bad guy. Flying out to Ayers Rock tomorrow morning for a couple of days. Until then…

Blue Mountains 4WD Experience

Today I went on a 4WD adventure with three Americans and a tour guide named Jed. First stop after he picked us up from our respective hotels was Featherdale Wildlife Park. There we saw the most amazing animals and had the most amazing encounters. I patted a Koala and fed Kangaroos, as well as stroking a Wombat (even though the sign said Don’t Touch…I Bite, he rolled over and let me pat his belly…not as vicious as the sign made out). Saw Taz (or a cute and cuddly version of), albino Kangaroos, albino Dingoes, Wallabys and various birds. Jed got us all a mini clip on Koala. Next we went for a drive up the Blue Mountains. He dropped me, Kelly, Connie and Jeff at the top of the hills and we walked down to meet him, hearing Bell Birds on the way and seeing dinosaur trees. We then stopped off at a clearing and he (tried) teaching us how to throw a boomerang. Being a campsite there were a few tents pitched. One of the families had this adorable White Labradoodle who played with his and stole our boomerang. Connie got it back though. We then went to drive up to Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens, on the way we spotted a lonely dog wandering the bush, he was stuck on the ledge so I climbed out and got him and we drove him back down to the campsite. He didn’t belong to anyone locally and sat by my feet the whole way back down. I wanted to keep him. We left him with the family who had the other dog and they went off playing, so a happy story in the end. We turned back up to the Gardens and had lunch. Some great views of the mountains. After that we headed up to Scenic World, Katoomba in the mountains. We rode the cablecar down and walked round the rainforests. Then we got the 90 second Scenic Railway back to the top. It’s like a backwards rollercoaster…awesome. Would have liked to get it down, especially on the steep part. Before getting back on the train you get an amazing view of the Three Sisters. We then headed back into Sydney, discussing music and starting a band…we came up with the name Kissed by Satan, reason being as that is what Jed wanted to call the dog we rescued and because the dog wouldn’t leave me alone and licked my nose when I picked him up off the ledge. Long but eventful day.

Sydney Tower

Today I went up the Sydney Tower. Twice the size of the Harbour Bridge but a lot easier to get to the top, it has some amazing views. The people looked like ants on the ground from up there and the tallest scyscrapers looked like models, it was like looking out onto a minature scale model of Sydney City/Harbour…awesome. Got some good pics as well. Tomorrow is the Blue Mountains.
Now, for some Meerkat Manor on ABC1…………

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

So, here it is. Today is the day of the climb of my life…at least that’s what they tell you. At the moment I’m sitting at the table in my hotel room on the 17th floor of the Travelodge Hotel along Wentworth Ave, Sydney, awaiting nervously for the time to tick by so I can get this climb over and done with. I was excited about it and now it’s here, I’m terryfied! So, I’m about to go down there for the Twilight Climb and will let you know what it’s like in about 3 and a half hours after I’ve stood 114ft above Sydney Harbour, secured only by a wire.
Okay, that was amazing! Nerves? Pah! I laugh in the face of fear! That was the most amazing thing I have ever done, and they are right…it is the climb of your life! Truly out of this world and was the perfect time to do it, apart from the rain on the way up it left us with the most beautiful rainbow, two in fact, and reflected in the water. I would love to do it again, just pure brilliant and something I will remember for the rest of my life. When you’re up there it gives you a whole new perspective of things. No worries. Carefree. Also makes you realise what’s important, and when I was up there I realised just how much Daniel means to me and how much I want to spend the rest of my life with him. Nothing will ever change that. I knew it anyway but it really hits you when you do something that intense. Best feeling in the world. If any of you ever get chance to do it, don’t hesitate. If you have a fear of heights…this is the ultimate cure! It’s not for the faint hearted but one of those things to add to your bucket list! Brilliant!

Wednesday at the Opera House and Zoo

Today got up crazy early to try catch the sunset down by the harbour but the clouds obscured it. Guess will have to wait for ayers rock for that. Freezing my ass off walking round outside the opera house we went in thru the stage door about 6.45am. Tour was excellent, Ann the guide was awesome and I got to sing on stage and played the piano lol. That was fun. Ann said I should join a band or choir when I get back home to the uk to boost my confidence, she said I could be a soloist…yeah don’t think so lol.
Next stop was the ferry to taronga zoo, saw some zebras, reptilian kind, giraffes, bears…couldn’t find the meerkats though 😦 Not so “simples” to compare them after all…still, bought Daniel one though (not a real one, although that would be a cool pet to have!).
Thinking I may go up the Sydney tower today, or leave that for Friday as tomorrow is reserved for the Bridge Climb….

G’Day Sydney

Wow! What can I say? Sydney is amazing. Arrived last night and went down to circular quay this morning, bought some souvenirs (yes, Aran I did get you a kangaroo scrotum pouch. Kat, I’m working on the flatout bear. Milly, so far no luck with your jerky). The thing I love about Sydney though is hailing cabs…none of this queuing or phoning for one and waiting half hour wondering if it will turn up…just put out your hand, and they stop. Saw the sheer mass that is the Sydney harbour bridge today which I shall be climbing on Thursday…oh shit! Like a numpty I forgot the battery for my camera, left it in my hotel room…that’s okay, I’ll go back down there when the sun goes down. Until then! See y’all later.