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Help For Heroes

Hi Guys,

I may have mentioned on here before about the well-worthy charity that is Help For Heroes, but now I’m in the process of becoming involved in it, the need to promote Help For Heroes more is part of my reasons for signing up as a co-ordinator.

Seeing what these amazing individuals do to keep us safe is unbelievable and unselfish. Army personnel, past and present, have protected our way of life for centuries and its time they deserve some kind of reward for their efforts.

To become a volunteer for Help For Heroes gives me a feeling of being able to contribute to helping this become a reality. I will soon be distributing fliers, magazines and arranging collections for them.

Until then why not head over to my ex-employers, Patrol Store, where they sell Help For Heroes Pin Badges with either Police or 999 on the classic motif design and all proceeds go to the charity.

Finding a job in these difficult economic times is hard and having a disability like Ankylosing Spondylitis and being pregnant makes it even harder. I’d rather fill my spare time in between trying to become a writer and photographer by doing something good and giving something back to good people. I urge you to do the same and give these wonderful people a chance.

Thank You for your time,

Liane Hoare
Writer, Photographer and Help For Heroes Co-Ordinator


Fast and the Furious 5

Finally got round to seeing Fast Five or Fast and the Furious 5, whichever way you want to look at it, and what can I say? Brilliant! Just absolutely brilliant! Non stop action from the beginning with Dom’s daring prison break scene right through to the end bridge chase scene.
Set in Rio and around Brazil’s shanty towns it features a great cast, great cars, musclebound fights, lots of car chases, crashes and explosions…my kind of movie really! Also the great thing about it is that the T-Shirts that the American cops wore we sell at Patrol Store, Under Armour t-shirts as seen on Fast Five are available where I work and if that’s not great advertisement then I don’t know what is (just thought I would try and plug that in there really).
As with every movie, stay till the end of the credits…the next movie (I’m sure there has to be one now) has a few ghosts in it…something to look forward to! Anyway, I give Fast Five a staggering 10 out of 10 for it’s fast paced, never boring, all-out action and for putting Vin Diesel and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the same movie making a gal’s dream come true!
Stay tuned for my next review which will be Pirates of the Caribbean 4 featuring the lovely Johnny Depp!

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Patrol Store Redesign

We did it! We finally got our flash new website up and running after months of hard work, long hours and being grumpy with each other but the results are amazing and well worth the effort we put into it. Please feel free to stop by, take a look around, tell all your friends/family/work colleagues about us.

Help For Heroes

Hi Guys,  Please take a look and like this group on Facebook ! All you have to do is like the group and will donate a penny on your behalf ! Help us raise £100,000 for Help for Heroes! All it takes is one click 🙂!/pages/uniformdatingcom-will-donate-1p-per-like-to-Help-for-Heroes-target-L100k/130400963650527

Patrol Store

If anyone is in the uniformed services and would like to become a fan of Patrol Store for up to date news, offers and discounts please follow the link.

Thanks for your support.!/pages/Patrol-Store/198579151720?ref=mf