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Bad Teacher

Bad Teacher is one of those films you probably wouldn’t intentionally want to go and see but would infact regret it if you didn’t. It was quite amusing with a few “did they really do that” moments but could have been funnier. Hats off to the cast though as they were brilliant.

Casting Cameron Diaz as the terrible teacher was a good move as was having Justin Timberlake and Jason Segel as her love interests. While she was after the rich, sensitive guy all along you’d wish she would go for the funny guy she had much more in common with.

I liked it and wished we had teachers that would let us watch movies in class when I was at school like she did but I wouldn’t buy it on DVD to add to our collection. All in all Bad Teacher gets a respectable, could have been better 7 out of 10.

Next review is unknown as there are far too many coming up in the next few weeks to decide which one to see first. Harry Potter and Captain America will be among them though!

Until then x



Well after wanting to see this film for weeks and finally getting round to it last night I can say that I’m not overly impressed by it. I mean, it was good but not mind blowing.
To think of a drug that can alter a person’s perception and open their minds to unimaginable things is too far fetched, but then I guess that was the point really. With two fantastic actors like Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro I guess I expected more. But well done to Anna Friel for coming a long way since her days in Brookside. Hollywood is better suited for you.
Visually, it would have been an incredible journey as a 3D movie in parts of it, those who’ve seen it will know which parts I mean. The open scenes where Eddie is struggling to come up with some ideas for his book I can hold my hands up and whole heartedly say, “I feel your pain, buddy!” and if some guy named Verne was to offer me a clear pill called HTZ worth $800 for free in order to do the things he was capable of, I would take it as I’m sure many would. Having writers block is a nightmare!
All in all, I would give Limitless a 7/10.

Stay tuned for my next review which should be Fast and the Furious 5…I love my action films (and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson/Vin Diesel in the same film sounds, erm, appealing…)

Thor (3D)


Where do I begin? Chris (“I’ve come a long way since Home and Away”) Hemsworth in pure 3D glory…from a woman’s perspective that is a good thing…film and graphical wise it was amazing. CGI brilliant, visually stunning scenes and a great cast make Thor an awesome film. With actors like Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Rene Russo and Anthony Hopkins (sir!) they really made it an enjoyable film. And of course the complimentary cameo from Stan Lee was included. And Kenneth Brannagh directing (yes, really) and written by if I remember the credits correctly.
All in all I would give it a 10/10 for a good story and being visually appealing, but it loses half a mark for a bit of a slow start, Chris Hemsworth’s bad accent (stick to being an Aussie!) and the mushy stuff. Final score 9.5/10. Marvel you have done us proud again! I look forward to seeing Thor return in The Avengers (with Samuel L Jackson – this proves it is worth staying till after the credits stop rolling).