Monthly Archives: July 2012

Welcome to the World, Mac!

A few days late I know but only just getting round to welcoming my little baby boy, Mackenzie Kyle Pelling. He’s the most adorable, cutest baby boy I could ever have imagined and it was love at first sight.

After being bought into the world four weeks early and pulled out by caeserean section he’s a tough little cookie and perfect in every way. He weighed 5lb 9oz and was born in the very early hours of 18th July at 3:50am.

He was allowed to stay with me in the ward at the hospital. The midwives were lovely but I couldn’t wait to get home! He doesn’t like to sleep by himself though, he’d happily sleep tucked up in mine or his dad’s arms but as soon as you put him down he realises he’s by himself and starts to whinge. And it’s too heartbreaking not to give in to him. Especially when I was in the hospital and didn’t sleep for 2 nights because of it. Still, Daniel was lovely enough to let me sleep last night and he took over with the cuddling/feeding/changing while I caught up with some rest.

So anyway, welcome to the world, Mackenzie, my perfect, special little boy! I love you with every beat of my heart xxxx


It’s started sooner than expected

Blogging from a hospital ward is something I wasn’t expecting to do, especially four weeks early. Still, nature has taken its course and my waters decided to break this morning. I’ve not felt any pain yet which is good but I don’t want to spend too long in here so hope things progress soon. Nervous, excited and completely unprepared but still, all will be fine I hope. Fingers crossed please my friends and even those who don’t know me, wish us luck! Cheers, LH (35 weeks and 6 days)