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What is the latest story about?

I was asked that question today by my publishing company. My answer was The Forensic Killer is about a killer who is proficient in forensics. Based in California with great characters and a bigger “Oh my god i didnt see that coming moment!” it’ll be better than The Ghost Writer! They said they can’t wait and if it’s anything like my first attempt then I’m on to a great career. Gee thanks, you guys say the nicest things!
Things couldn’t be better. Amazing boyfriend, great future, awesome friends…I love my life!

Happy Valentines Day everyone, I hope you’re all having a wonderful time with loved ones…I know I will…


Liane x


The Forensic Killer

Well while my gorgeous, lovely boyfriend Daniel Pelling was busy practicing with his awesome bell team I sat scribbling in the corner as I penned the synopsis, main character bios, plot and final twist. I’m very excited at the idea of it; now I just need to turn it into a story. Big thanx to Di Davies for the use of the shorthand notepad as it came in very handy last night…laptops?pah! Good ol’ fashioned pen and paper was all I needed and I will carry it with me everywhere as I guard the secret to The Forensic Killer with my life. I’ve already got pre-orders based on The Ghost Writer so I hope this one lives up to everyone’s expectations.
Thanx guys!

Exciting new story coming soon…

By popular demand the title of my next story will be The Forensic Killer. Coming soon. Keep your eyes peeled for updates and publication details. Once again thanks to all of you for your continued belief and support. Love you all!