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The Forensic Killer

Well while my gorgeous, lovely boyfriend Daniel Pelling was busy practicing with his awesome bell team I sat scribbling in the corner as I penned the synopsis, main character bios, plot and final twist. I’m very excited at the idea of it; now I just need to turn it into a story. Big thanx to Di Davies for the use of the shorthand notepad as it came in very handy last night…laptops?pah! Good ol’ fashioned pen and paper was all I needed and I will carry it with me everywhere as I guard the secret to The Forensic Killer with my life. I’ve already got pre-orders based on The Ghost Writer so I hope this one lives up to everyone’s expectations.
Thanx guys!


The Ghost Writer (Now available on Amazon)

Thought I would share that my first published book is now for sale on amazon. Happy days!

For UK friends

For US friends

Love to all!

Photo Only Blog

Due to copyright infringement I have had to pull down the poems from my blog as someone has been using them for their own benefits. Therefore this blog will now only be used to promote photos.

Thank you for your understanding.


New Look Blog

I got bored of the layout of my blog so have decided to have a tweak with it. Have a look if you want to and feel like leaving any comments, they are more than welcome.

New book published

Liane Hoare A Book of Poetry is now available on along with The Ghost Writer. I know there are a few people on here who made some lovely comments about my poems so this goes out to you. Link to the page is attached. Thanks for your support guys. Love to you all.

Just call me The Terminator

I’ve been working like a machine lately, and now I’m writing like a machine. After publishing my 2nd book I am now flying through my 3rd. Not sure where this new found inspiration is coming from, but hey…I love it! So, I can say coming soon is The Network by Liane Hoare. I will blog post about it soon. The world is mine and NOTHING and NO-ONE will stand in my way! Thanx to my true friends for your support and kind words…you have no idea how much you keep me going, so keep the lovely comments coming…

Its all going on now!

My second book is in process of being published. For some people I have to thank for that, Libby Hutchby, Claire Cochran and Bronagh to name just a few…it’s down to you I decided to put my poems together…thank you for your kind words. To this I dedicate it to my dearly missed Gran, June Checkley, who took us in and gave us a home when we needed it. A person who I will never forget and miss every single day. I love you, Gran. Until we meet again.
Keep your eyes peeled for A Book of Poems by Liane Hoare coming soon on

The Ghost Writer

My first book has been published…how exciting! It’s available for £9.99 through . I would like to thank everyone who believed in me and to my wonderful boyfriend, Daniel Pelling, who has been my knight in shining armour and my rock. This goes out to you when I say you are my world, my inspiration and everything to me. Thank you.

Anyway, here is a brief synopsis of The Ghost Writer. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed writing it. And thanks to my awesome niece, Becky Joyce, who I will employ as my editor one day! Giving my first autograph yesterday was really cool and something I could get used to (lol, thanks Kat!).

The Ghost Writer: A Short Story By Liane M. Hoare

Jack Somerfield is tired of his mediocre life and is fed up with his job. He has been ghost writing for other people and is desperate to make a name for himself but lacks the confidence to do so. Deciding to emigrate to Canada from London to be with his girlfriend and closer to his publisher. When he arrives he settles in quickly but struggles to come up with ideas for a story. Eventually the writer’s block is lifted and Jack really gets stuck into it; working all day and all night. His life is taking a turn in the right direction and he begins to get excited about his new project and the opportunities it could bring. His publisher has always been supportive, as has his girlfriend Lisa. Jack was finally believing in himself. He knew things would be different from now on, he just didn’t realise how different things would be. The lack of sleep was catching up with Jack and was affecting his relationship with Lisa. Then one fateful day, while driving back from town, Jack’s life would never be the same again…

Patrol Store Redesign

We did it! We finally got our flash new website up and running after months of hard work, long hours and being grumpy with each other but the results are amazing and well worth the effort we put into it. Please feel free to stop by, take a look around, tell all your friends/family/work colleagues about us.


Hey guys,

Adding more photos to the blog at the mo and also writing loads of poems, had a sudden rush of inspiration that I don’t know where it came from. Ah well, who am I to argue with creativity? 


Liane x