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Goodbye Sarah Jane Smith…Doctor Who

It’s always a shame when someone dies but when it is someone amazing like Elisabeth Sladen who has touched so many lives it makes it even worse. A very talented actress and all round, genuinely nice human being I remember seeing her on a re-run of Doctor Who when I was a child in the 80s. There she was travelling through time and space in a little blue box with Tom Baker (the one with the scarf as he is fondly thought of) and at that age I always wanted to be as cool as her. She gave me focus and took my mind of some bad stuff that was going on at the time and got me through it. I remember running around the school playground pretending I was Sarah Jane Smith when my friends would be She-Ra or the likes. And it’s because of those times I love Doctor Who now as much as I did then. It was a great thing to see her back with David Tennant and Billie Piper, then again in the last episodes of Catherine Tate’s run as the companion. She was that awesome they even gave her a well deserved spin-off show with The Sarah Jane Adventures. That is how much everyone thought of her and will continue to think of her after her untimely death. Briefly meeting her in London was one of the best days of my life. A very kind lady who stopped to say hello to people despite her publicist trying to usher her away for another appointment.

There are a small number of celebrities where it would hit me hard when they pass on and Elisabeth Sladen was one of them. All I can say is that you touched so many lives and I hope you realised that. May you forever rest in peace. Goodbye Sarah Jane Smith.


New Series of Doctor Who

Well it’s no question that I’m very much looking forward to the return of Doctor Who this coming Saturday and after reading briefly the story titled “One of them WILL die” I am even more keen to find out.

So, as the front cover of Doctor Who Magazine states, one of the four main characters will die. This leads to some very serious questions as to which one out of The Doctor, Amy, Rory and River Song will be the one to meet their maker.

By process of elimination I have made some guesstimations of my own. In my opinion, technically it can only be one person really. I haven’t heard any rumours of anyone leaving or dying and certainly wasn’t one of the lucky ones to see the preview a few weeks ago so I don’t claim this as fact or spoilers of any kind. But let’s think about this logically, Rory is already dead. He was killed and wiped out of exsistance, thus causing him to come back as an Auton Centurion at the end of the last series at Stone Henge. He is made of plastic! Unless he gets to close to a fire and melts I don’t imagine it being him. River Song already has her cards marked and is set to die in the future in The Library after saving The Doctor’s life and saving the 4996 lives plus that of Donna Noble that had been stored on CAL’s hard drive. Unless Stephen Moffat is going to completely undo Russell T Davies’ stories and change the future it cannot be River Song. This leaves The Doctor and Amy Pond and quite frankly it will be very stupid to kill off the last of the timelords in the very first episode. My conclusion leads it to be Amy but even then, why kill off the companion in the first episode? Or is this just a ploy to pull you in and sucker you into thinking that one of the main characters are going to that great gig in the sky so that The Doctor can jump in and save everyone at the last minute…We shall find out Saturday at 6pm I guess and I for one can’t wait!

Enjoy, Doctor Who fans!

Until we blog again, take care.
Liane xx