Going Back To No Job

While I was off sick the rest of Patrol Store decided to have a reshuffle of roles and basically share the work I was doing between them. Di was now in charge of Returns and the eBay shop as they had employed a new accountant, meaning she had less to do, as well as writing my blog posts. Dave was looking after the warehouse as Jamie had been fired for taking too many sick days. Aran was running off orders and distributing them to the warehouse, and Sofia had taken over all the supplier correspondence. This meant the only thing left was answering the phone, which everybody did. Matt had already pre-warned me that we would have a meeting on my return to work. It was in that meeting he explained what the deal was and that my role in the office had technically now been made redundant. My options were that I could either take the redundancy or apply for Jamie’s old job in the warehouse, but to understand that it would need to be advertised. I should have been mad, but I wasn’t. For some reason I sat back and accepted what he was saying, and was being quite mellow and relaxed about the whole situation. I think he was quite surprised at my reaction as he had a box of tissues on the table ready, which I didn’t need.  He seemed genuinely sorry that it had come to that and explained that it was more to do with Geoff playing a hand in it. He thought there wasn’t enough work in the office to warrant an extra person in there, and I guess the rest of the team voted me out in my absence. I remember over-hearing Aran having a conversation with the rep from Magnum boots a few weeks later about it, who asked why the hell they were letting me go when I had been there longer than Sofia and Dave. Not only that but that it seemed so busy in there. He quietly said they need someone who’s not going to be going backwards and forwards to doctors all the time. Harsh, very harsh, and I felt like getting up and punching him at the time. I text Matt later in the evening and said that under the circumstances and because my back wouldn’t take it, I would have to decline the warehouse job and take the redundancy but thanked him for the offer anyway. The following day we had another meeting and discussed what would happen. I had a month’s notice and he said I could take time out to look for jobs, as long as it didn’t interfere with the day to day running of the business. We scheduled in my appointments and got the ball rolling. It shouldn’t have felt good, but it felt like a massive weight was being lifted from my shoulders. I could look for another job, one with less stress and worry. They began interviewing for the warehouse job, though I was still required to work down there until they found a suitable replacement. Until I had a note from the doctor to say otherwise, those were Geoff’s orders. Dan, who eventually got the job, had already been interviewed while I was off sick. What I didn’t know was that the job that was supposedly mine if I wanted it, was being advertised in the Job Centre, and had been since Jamie was fired. Hmm, is that a knife I can feel sticking out of my back? The day after I was back at work, I had my first appointment with the Rheumatologist. He had a poke and prod around my back and shoulders, before deciding to send me for an X-Ray and a blood test. He also wanted to refer me to have an Integral Bone Scan, which involved being injected with radioactive dye and laying still on a table for 45 minutes while a machine slowly moves up your body, taking in-depth pictures of the skeleton. He said it could take up to three weeks to receive an appointment but I got mine on the 12th January. I had to book the day off work because once you had the injection you then had to wait for three hours before the actual scan took place to give it time to bind. I then received my appointment from North Downs for a Flexible Endoscopy to find out what was causing the bleeding, even though I hadn’t seen anything since then.


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