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What Else Can Go Wrong? Troubles with pain.

Hi Guys,

Me again in a very rare two blog posts in one day situation. Thank you for your lovely comments about Help For Heroes, so many have come in I will go through them and post the best ones in due time. Update there is I’m expecting a phone call today from Lizzy at H4H to find out what else I can do to help so will keep you informed as that progresses.

A lot of you have been interesting in my condition, Ankylosing Spondylitis and how I’m getting on with that. To be honest, every day is a struggle, and some days it gets so painful I have difficulty in moving. Which sucks really considering moving is part of the pain management, but how can you pain manage something that causes pain? Bit confused there really. The problem with being pregnant (apart from the sleepless nights of money worries) is that my rheumatologist can’t prescribe me with any steroids or anti inflammatory drugs to help take the pain away. All I can take is bog standard paracetamol which doesn’t do a thing, but they say keep on taking them, so I’m going through 8 pills a day for no reason in my opinion, the only thing it helps to ease is the constant headaches I get.

I’ve taken another blow today though after my trip to see my physiotherapist, Elaine, I also have a condition called trochanteric bursitis, otherwise known as trochanteric pain syndrome. Again all I can do is try and manage the pain with paracetamol and movement. Though this is extremely painful in my hips to do this and putting any weight on my left leg is excruciating. Sleeping is difficult as I have trouble laying on either side and because of the AS trying to lie on my back is just as bad. I can’t win really. My next appointment with Elaine is in three weeks time so we’ll see how I progress and then see what else she can find wrong with me. What makes me worry more about having Ankylosing Spondylitis is that it is incurable and will get worse as time progresses, eventually leading to fusing of my spine rendering me, well, I hate to think really, but useless is the word that comes to mind right now. The two bottom discs have already started that process as revealed in my isotope bone scan I had in January this year.

January wasn’t the greatest start to the year it has to be said, I found out I had this degenerative disease, got made redundant and found out I was pregnant. All in one week! Talk about everything happening at once.

So what good things do I have going for me people ask, that’s my burning question too really. However, Six Months to Live is finally nearing completion and just needs a few tweeks here and there then I can move on to my next project Murder On The Shop Floor, which’ll please my ex colleagues at Patrol Store who I’m still good friends with as its based on them 🙂 Not forgetting that The Ghost Writer, The Forensic Killer and Words Don’t Come Easy are all available to purchase on Lulu as well as being on Amazon and other online retailers so although I don’t generate any revenue from them at the moment, the potential is there (hopefully), just need to work on marketing them a bit I guess, although its nice that I’ve already got a little fan base boosting my ego every now and then, without letting it go to my head.

Elvis Presley has become my inspiration while writing recently, as well as my Red Bull Racing F1 “thinking” cap! It may not give me wings but certainly can make the words fly 🙂 I have my dad to thank for my love of The King of Rock N Roll as he always used to listen to it when I was growing up and I plan to carry on that tradition with this little munchkin when he or she arrives. At 27 weeks now so getting there.

Anyway, speaking of writing I shall get cracking on that and wait for my phone call from Help For Heroes.

Until my next blog, I bid you farewell and good luck in whatever path you choose to follow.




Tangalooma…Aboriginal for “Where the fish meet”

Arrived at Brisbane airport at around 9.30am after 3 nights in Adelaide. Wasn’t blown away by there and when the hotel staff recommend you don’t stay out for too long after dark as it gets a bit hairy it doesn’t give you much of a good opinion of the area. The flight they booked us on was far too early for the launch boat that we were scheduled to be on. Sat twiddling thumbs at the airport for a couple of hours then went down to Holt Street Wharf which is in the middle of an industrial site. Not the greatest place in the world. Sat around there for a couple of hours and got on the boat at 5pm. Had a lovely sunset on the way over here. Walking down the jetty when we arrived the dolphins were happily swimming and feeding as we walked past. The hotel room is amazing. It’s more like an apartment. I could quite happily live in here. It was dark outside so I didn’t know what the view would be like during the day but what I saw this morning was something else. Less than 2 minutes from the sea I had the most welcoming view of the beach this morning. Palm trees and a pool outside the window. I’m in heaven. This place is great and it’s made me want to go to California even more than ever. Anyway, it’s still early in the day at the moment, I’ve just come off the beach and I got dolphin feeding later so will blog more then…
I decided to do some paragliding earlier. That was fun. Makes me wanna go skydiving! Being above everything gives you a better perspective of things. I did want to go on the quad bikes as well but there wasn’t enough time unfortunately. Man, one day is not enough on this island! There is so much to do here! So the dolphin feeding…that was amazing. The most incredible thing I have experienced since feeding a kangaroo. The guys and gals that work here have the best jobs in the world. It kind of reminds me of my days at Butlins actually as they seem to run the same way as we did. After I came back to my hotel room for a shower I went down to the bar as they had a karaoke going. Did I have a go? Yes, of course I did. When do I not have a go? It’s pretty cool when the entertainment staff come up to you afterwards as well and offer you a job on their team because of it as well lol. Oh well, alas it is my last night in Australia and what a way to end it as well! Thanks for everything the land of Down Under and I really hope I can see you again soon…well, Sydney and Tangalooma at the least.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

So, here it is. Today is the day of the climb of my life…at least that’s what they tell you. At the moment I’m sitting at the table in my hotel room on the 17th floor of the Travelodge Hotel along Wentworth Ave, Sydney, awaiting nervously for the time to tick by so I can get this climb over and done with. I was excited about it and now it’s here, I’m terryfied! So, I’m about to go down there for the Twilight Climb and will let you know what it’s like in about 3 and a half hours after I’ve stood 114ft above Sydney Harbour, secured only by a wire.
Okay, that was amazing! Nerves? Pah! I laugh in the face of fear! That was the most amazing thing I have ever done, and they are right…it is the climb of your life! Truly out of this world and was the perfect time to do it, apart from the rain on the way up it left us with the most beautiful rainbow, two in fact, and reflected in the water. I would love to do it again, just pure brilliant and something I will remember for the rest of my life. When you’re up there it gives you a whole new perspective of things. No worries. Carefree. Also makes you realise what’s important, and when I was up there I realised just how much Daniel means to me and how much I want to spend the rest of my life with him. Nothing will ever change that. I knew it anyway but it really hits you when you do something that intense. Best feeling in the world. If any of you ever get chance to do it, don’t hesitate. If you have a fear of heights…this is the ultimate cure! It’s not for the faint hearted but one of those things to add to your bucket list! Brilliant!

G’Day Sydney

Wow! What can I say? Sydney is amazing. Arrived last night and went down to circular quay this morning, bought some souvenirs (yes, Aran I did get you a kangaroo scrotum pouch. Kat, I’m working on the flatout bear. Milly, so far no luck with your jerky). The thing I love about Sydney though is hailing cabs…none of this queuing or phoning for one and waiting half hour wondering if it will turn up…just put out your hand, and they stop. Saw the sheer mass that is the Sydney harbour bridge today which I shall be climbing on Thursday…oh shit! Like a numpty I forgot the battery for my camera, left it in my hotel room…that’s okay, I’ll go back down there when the sun goes down. Until then! See y’all later.