Living With An Eco-Warrior and A Goth

Aran suggested I looked on a website called Spare Room ( as his ex-Girlfriend found a place to live on there when she was based in London. I registered my details and was surprised at how quickly I began to find suitable places. There was one place that sounded ideal, it was a short walk to work and a bus ride away from Redhill Town Centre. I emailed the lady that had the spare room and she replied straight away to say I could pop round for a viewing that evening. She was half an hour late and seemed rather withdrawn and shy when I met her. She made no attempt at being friendly and didn’t offer me a drink as she showed me around the house. Her cat was rather taken to me though, which she made a comment about and that it was her pride and joy. Although I was definitely going to refuse the room if she offered, she did kindly give me a lift back to Caterham as she was going shopping to Tesco. The following day I was back on the website again and found another one in Merstham. I asked Aran where Radstock Way was and he told me that it was over the road from where we were. I couldn’t believe my luck. I emailed the guy straight away with my details and we arranged a viewing for the following day. I was getting a lift from Steve in the design office, seems strange when I think of it now, getting lifts all the way back to Carshalton to get the bus to Caterham. I guess I wanted to delay the time spent indoors as much as possible. Anyway, he came with me for a second opinion and when I met Drummond for the first time he seemed quite nervous. Certainly not what I was expecting that’s for sure. He seemed middle aged and quite old fashioned but very down to earth and friendly. I fell in love with the room straight away, and it was a double bed, something I’d never had. The rest of the house was really spot on too, I’d never seen an eco-house before but it would be cool to live in one. I briefly met Abigail, who apologised for the mess she looked as she had just got in from work. She looked like a Goth; at the time I didn’t know she was a librarian for East Surrey College. I jokingly asked when I could move in and he said as soon as the other person moved out. And there we go. That’s how I ended up moving in with an Eco-Warrior and a Goth. Matt helped me move my stuff out of Jennifer’s and store it at work, and then on to my new abode afterwards. I had some fantastic times with Drum and Abi and they are wonderful people who I miss dearly at times, especially Abi and our wild, drunken Guitar Hero nights. They were some good times, really good times. We would get a bottle of Jack Daniels, invite her friend Tom round, switch on the Xbox and play Guitar Hero till we were all too drunk to see what was on the screen. Drum was really cool, he wouldn’t ask us to keep the noise down or anything like that and sometimes he would even join in. He had a cleaner come round every Friday so we didn’t need to worry about things like that, unlike when I was living in Kent when everything was done with military precision. The rent was very reasonable as well, a flat £350 a month with everything else included, sometimes I wonder why I moved out. The thing I began to have problems with was eight legged creepy crawlies as I swear my room was infested with the things. No sooner would I annihilate one, another one would go scurrying across the floor. I got some stuff called Spider Stop, but it didn’t do what it said on the tin so to speak, although to be fair there wasn’t as many as there had been. Smelt awful though.


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