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Captain America: The First Avenger

Chris Evans shows us what it is like to be a real hero in this superb live action movie of the popular Marvel comics. Captain America features a fantastic cast and plenty of action. With the likes of Tommy Lee Jones, Hugo Weaving and the obligitory Stan Lee cameo this is one hell of a movie. The best thing of all though comes after the credits as you can kind of tell what is coming when Nick Fury pops up at the end of the film.

This much anticipated and awaited Captain America stars Chris (The Human Torch) Evans as Steve Rogers whom has been classed as unfit to join the Army. Desperate to fight for what he believes in, he signs up for a top secret project being put together by Dr Abraham Erskine, which taps into your inner super hero and enhances your abilities. Now pumped up and ready for action Steve becomes Captain America, The First Avenger, and is desperate to head out to fight for his country. But instead he is used as a public figure in order to get more people to sign up for the Army. That is until he finds out that his best friend is MIA along with a platoon of other soldiers. Together with Peggy Carter he disobeys a direct order from Colonel Phillips (Jones) and goes on in to rescue his fellow soldiers and take out Johann Schmidt/Red Skull (Weaving) at the same time.

All in all Captain America gets a massive 10 out of 10 from me for being the best movie of 2011 I have seen so far. Brilliant! And Chris Evans in 3D gets bonus points 😉

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The Green Lantern (3D)

A much anticipated but slightly overated take on the classic Marvel comics, Ryan Reynolds stars as Hal Jordan/The Green Lantern in this visually spectacular, 3D stunning box office smash. All comic book fans know the story; average Joe gets his chance to save the world when he becomes the chosen one to take on the bad guys of the galaxy. But when Hal decides to walk away from his destiny he quickly changes his mind when his own planet is at threat.

Featuring a brilliant cast including the awesome Tim Robbins this movie will suit all fans of the old comic books and those who are heavilly into their special effects as The Green Lantern certainly tops it with that. And of course a treat for the ladies with the visually pleasing Ryan Reynolds. All in all The Green Lantern gets a thumbs up from me with a respectable 8 out of 10.

Next Review: Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon to follow.