My Life…All You Need To Know…


My Life isn’t really a subject I like to talk about very much. Lots of people love to talk about themselves but then their egos are probably a little larger than mine is. I’ve never really talked about my life with anyone and never shared any of my deepest, darkest secrets. I guess it’s time I bared all, so to speak. Perhaps the internet probably isn’t the best place to do such a thing but I guess in doing it this way, you’re all strangers in a way as I don’t know who if anyone will read this. So it’s not like I’m sitting down in a therapy group speaking my mind or pouring my heart out to someone who is paid to care but doesn’t really give a toss about you in all honesty. So in light of recent events and people deciding to come forward about certain situations, I feel it’s only fair I shared my experiences in the hope that whoever reads this will understand they are not alone.


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