A Very Long Hangover

After a cracking Christmas meal at the China House in Reigate (and lots of alcoholic beverages) I suffered my first real hangover. We had skeleton staff in the office the following day, and both Aran and I felt awful. Luckily there wasn’t much to do in the warehouse for Dave and Jamie as they both still looked drunk. Matt and Sofia had the day off; Dave had left Matt passed out on his floor at home as they went out clubbing in Croydon afterwards. He’d forgot to pre-warn his housemates that his boss was there so they were a little surprised to see a stranger laying on their living room floor. Luckily Ross could confirm his identity otherwise…well, you know what these Croydon folk can be like. A few days later came present giving day and as usual Geoff let everyone leave early as it was the last open day before Christmas. Daniel and his handbell team were playing on BBC Surrey Radio in Guildford, so it was a bit of a mad dash over there after work. On the way there I was feeling incredibly sick and there was a smell in the car that was making me heave. I had to cover my nose and mouth to stop myself throwing up. I thought to myself, surely I can’t still be suffering the effects of a hangover after a few days. I know I drunk a lot of Jack Daniels and Sambuca that night but it can’t still be making me feel sick. I tried Calamari for the first time, but again, surely that wouldn’t be playing havoc with my insides still. I had no idea what was going on. I was feeling poorly over Christmas and when I went back to work the day after Boxing Day, I was dashing backwards and forwards to the toilet throwing up. I didn’t know what was going on. Not only that but for the last few days I had been losing quite a bit of blood out of my back passage. I also had a pain in my abdomen. I was sitting at my desk clutching my stomach and shivering, when Aran decided to call me a taxi to take me to the doctors. I was still at Caterham and Matt told me to go home afterwards and come back when I was feeling better. I think he expected I would only be off for a day or two. I got to the doctors and saw Dr Wright on Open Surgery, I explained about the sickness, bleeding and pains in my abdomen. He pressed on my tummy and I screamed in pain. He referred me to see a specialist at North Downs Hospital about the bleeding and prescribed me something for the pain. He then asked me to book another appointment to come back tomorrow if I’m still feeling sick and having the pain. I went back the following day and saw Dr Lewis, he did the same checks and asked the same questions as Dr Wright but I was still no better. Not just that but I was starting to feel very weak as I couldn’t keep anything down. I had a few blood tests, to which he checked my C-Reactive Protein levels and Extra Sensory Responder levels among other things. I said that Dr Hamilton had been having them checked recently to do with back pain and asked what they meant. He explained they show whether there is inflammation, because according to my last results the levels were quite high. He wanted to do another check incase I had a virus or infection at the time as that could affect the results. I thought to myself but if I’m being sick all the time, surely they would affect it again. I was keeping in touch with Matt over the time I was off, which ended up being almost two weeks. While I was off sick I also had a phone call from East Surrey Hospital to say they had arranged an appointment for me to see a Rheumatologist about the back pain I was experiencing and to find out if there was an underlying cause to it. Everything seemed to be happening all at once.


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