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Last Day in Sydney

Today was the last day in sydney, crikey! Eight days in the city, next off into the outback…gonna be a big difference! Went for a cruise along the harbour, seeing sights like the bridge, opera house, shark island (didn’t spot any great whites but the guide said that someone lost a leg out there a few weeks ago), taronga zoo, fort Denison, Luna park and darling harbour. Bought myself a crocodile dundee hat, bartered with the shop keeper so got 10% discount…don’t ask, don’t get… Took some more night snaps, back at the hotel now. All packed up and watching Criminal Minds…the awesome Tim Curry co-stars as the bad guy. Flying out to Ayers Rock tomorrow morning for a couple of days. Until then…


Sydney Tower

Today I went up the Sydney Tower. Twice the size of the Harbour Bridge but a lot easier to get to the top, it has some amazing views. The people looked like ants on the ground from up there and the tallest scyscrapers looked like models, it was like looking out onto a minature scale model of Sydney City/Harbour…awesome. Got some good pics as well. Tomorrow is the Blue Mountains.
Now, for some Meerkat Manor on ABC1…………

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

So, here it is. Today is the day of the climb of my life…at least that’s what they tell you. At the moment I’m sitting at the table in my hotel room on the 17th floor of the Travelodge Hotel along Wentworth Ave, Sydney, awaiting nervously for the time to tick by so I can get this climb over and done with. I was excited about it and now it’s here, I’m terryfied! So, I’m about to go down there for the Twilight Climb and will let you know what it’s like in about 3 and a half hours after I’ve stood 114ft above Sydney Harbour, secured only by a wire.
Okay, that was amazing! Nerves? Pah! I laugh in the face of fear! That was the most amazing thing I have ever done, and they are right…it is the climb of your life! Truly out of this world and was the perfect time to do it, apart from the rain on the way up it left us with the most beautiful rainbow, two in fact, and reflected in the water. I would love to do it again, just pure brilliant and something I will remember for the rest of my life. When you’re up there it gives you a whole new perspective of things. No worries. Carefree. Also makes you realise what’s important, and when I was up there I realised just how much Daniel means to me and how much I want to spend the rest of my life with him. Nothing will ever change that. I knew it anyway but it really hits you when you do something that intense. Best feeling in the world. If any of you ever get chance to do it, don’t hesitate. If you have a fear of heights…this is the ultimate cure! It’s not for the faint hearted but one of those things to add to your bucket list! Brilliant!

Wednesday at the Opera House and Zoo

Today got up crazy early to try catch the sunset down by the harbour but the clouds obscured it. Guess will have to wait for ayers rock for that. Freezing my ass off walking round outside the opera house we went in thru the stage door about 6.45am. Tour was excellent, Ann the guide was awesome and I got to sing on stage and played the piano lol. That was fun. Ann said I should join a band or choir when I get back home to the uk to boost my confidence, she said I could be a soloist…yeah don’t think so lol.
Next stop was the ferry to taronga zoo, saw some zebras, reptilian kind, giraffes, bears…couldn’t find the meerkats though 😦 Not so “simples” to compare them after all…still, bought Daniel one though (not a real one, although that would be a cool pet to have!).
Thinking I may go up the Sydney tower today, or leave that for Friday as tomorrow is reserved for the Bridge Climb….

G’Day Sydney

Wow! What can I say? Sydney is amazing. Arrived last night and went down to circular quay this morning, bought some souvenirs (yes, Aran I did get you a kangaroo scrotum pouch. Kat, I’m working on the flatout bear. Milly, so far no luck with your jerky). The thing I love about Sydney though is hailing cabs…none of this queuing or phoning for one and waiting half hour wondering if it will turn up…just put out your hand, and they stop. Saw the sheer mass that is the Sydney harbour bridge today which I shall be climbing on Thursday…oh shit! Like a numpty I forgot the battery for my camera, left it in my hotel room…that’s okay, I’ll go back down there when the sun goes down. Until then! See y’all later.