Breaking Up Isn’t Always That Hard To Do, Moving On and Moving Away

Michelle and Caley decided to get a bigger place for us all in Plaxtol. It was a really nice house but well in the middle of nowhere for me with regards to getting to work as there was no public transport anywhere. It was a Ghost Town. I was living there for a couple of days when I realised that things weren’t working out with Phil. I didn’t love him and I knew he never loved me so we decided to mutually split up. I couldn’t live with him, not because of breaking up but because of the lack of amenities. Although our housemates begged me to stay there, I couldn’t do it. So Phil drove me back to Caterham with some of my stuff. My Mum was still in hospital at the time after having a quadruple heart bypass. I didn’t want to stay in the house by myself. Plus the fact she had got rid of all my stuff, including my bed, because she had put the house on the market. My Aunt Franky kindly let me stay there for a few weeks, so I slept in my cousin’s entertainment room on his sofa. The first week I was back I was on holiday from work, as mutual as the break up was it still hit me hard. I didn’t love Phil, I never did, I know that now, but I missed being around people and the dogs. I was sick for a few days but got over it thanks to my cousins and Aunt. I went back to work and handed in my notice, as I took the offer from my Mancunian friends of moving up there. I worked out my notice, said my goodbyes and went home to pack what I had left. Some of it Franky looked after as we knew I wouldn’t stay there forever. The following day, my cousin Sarah drove me up to Ashton Under Lyne with a boot full of my stuff. We unloaded it at Caz’s place where Sarah was introduced to Caz and her crazy sister, Kim. The following day after Sarah went home and Caz left for work I cried with homesickness. Things were different than before. It wasn’t like a holiday. There were no ferrets or polecats to play with. No Dez to talk about movies nor play Xbox games with. It wasn’t the same anymore. I was there for a couple of days and just as I was starting to get used to being there, Caz dropped a bombshell on me and said I couldn’t stay there anymore. Where else was I supposed to go? Not only that but the job she had promised me I could have, wasn’t really available to give. Dez kindly said I could stay with him and his then girlfriend, Selena. He told me I had my own room and a bed ready and waiting for me. Ah, that was something I hadn’t slept on for over a month…a bed. I jumped at the chance. Up until then it was a sofa or the floor. And then the other bonus was there were the lovely ferrets! Or shit-machines, as he lovingly referred to them. Things were great at first and I got on exceptionally well with Selena, even after she openly admitted she was concerned about my moving in with the way Dez spoke about me. But I put her mind at ease when I explained he was more like my little brother although he would act like an over-protective big brother at times. I told her she had nothing to worry about. We went on some good nights out in Ashton and at some cheesy places too. I tried to smooth things over in the war between her, Dez, Caz and Kim. Selena was willing to bury the hatchet, Caz wanted to bury it in their heads. I hated being stuck in the middle and the friendlier I became with Selena and Dez, the more Caz and Kim disrespected me for it. I reminded her of the fact that it was her idea for me to move up, that she said she had somewhere for me to stay and promised I had a job lined up but then as soon as I arrived that all changed. I pointed out the fact that Selena was kind enough to allow a stranger into her home, even though Dez knew me that wasn’t the point. But of course Caz decided to turn the tables and make this all about her by saying they were only letting me stay there to make a point and get back at her. What would she rather see me out on the streets? We fell out for a little while after that. Going back to Selena’s trust issues when it came to a Mr Derek Richardson, there were certainly some problems there. She didn’t trust him as far as she could throw him and would constantly be checking his phone and trying to hack his Facebook account to spy on him. He flipped and went mad one night when I was upstairs. I could hear the shouting and screaming going on, I began having flashbacks of when I was a child and hearing my parents arguing in the kitchen. I remember hearing Dez shouting at Selena to put down the kitchen knife as I crept down the stairs. I didn’t go down any further as I didn’t want to witness something terrible that might have happened. Luckily nothing did but after that the screaming and shouting was night after night. I phoned Sarah one night and told her what it was like living there, that I wanted to come home. She said I hadn’t been there long and should give it a chance so I took the phone to the top of the stairs and let her listen for herself. She said she would come and get me at the weekend in that case. I spoke to Dez and said I was extremely grateful for him giving me somewhere to stay and all that they had done for me the last six weeks but I had to go back. I didn’t tell him it was because of the arguing, I told him that my Mum was out of hospital now and needed my help around the house. He seemed really gutted that I was going, I don’t know why, considering I’d spent the last month and a half living freely at his house. He said he was going to miss having me around. Apart from the final week or so there, we had some good times and would often sit up all night talking about random movie trivia, playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon or watching DVDs and playing Xbox games. I think our close friendship started to add more fuel to Selena’s ever-growing fire that she was ready to explode, another reason for me to move out then before she turned on me. Sarah came back up and got me on the Sunday, understandably unimpressed about having to drive to and from Manchester in a day but I was very thankful for her for doing so.


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