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New Look Blog

I got bored of the layout of my blog so have decided to have a tweak with it. Have a look if you want to and feel like leaving any comments, they are more than welcome.



Hey guys,

Adding more photos to the blog at the mo and also writing loads of poems, had a sudden rush of inspiration that I don’t know where it came from. Ah well, who am I to argue with creativity? 


Liane x

Help For Heroes (again…)

Please help us raise £100,000 for every person who like this groups we will give 1p to help for heroes , every little helps! Xx!/pages/uniformdatingcom-will-donate-1p-per-like-to-Help-for-Heroes-target-L100k/130400963650527

Blog Update

New Poems and Photos Updated….Please take a look around and leave a comment or two….cheers


So I’m starting a poll…Is the world ready for Leemo? AKA Liane Hoare. 27 year old freelance photographer, writer and all round awesome human being is ready to unleash herself on the world. California should be warned that Leemo means business and is ready to make something of her life. And all this before she reaches 30. It’s make or break time. Make something of said life and break ties with the UK and all that is in there, except for friends and family. Nothing to hold her back and everything going for her.