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New Ideas

Hey guys!

Crikey, has it really been this long since I’ve blogged? Jeez, where is the time going?!? Anyhow, seeing as The Forensic Killer is a “working progress” i.e. I only have time to write it on a Monday night for an hour or so I’ve been thinking of fresh ideas for future publications. I know there is a few people out there keen to read my current one and I’m sorry that it’s taking longer than I thought but distractions and alone time are few and far between but I can promise you it will be worth the wait.

Anyhow, “new ideas…helloooo? What’s this all about?” I hear you question! Well, forget poetry…as it stands at the moment I can’t string two words together and have them make sense (neeeed sleeeeep!) and this pad I carry everywhere with me has got so many random bits of text in there I’m struggling to put them into sentences let alone paragraphs and god forbid those things called pages! So my current list of future titles is as follows…

  • The Copycat Killer
  • The Devil’s Child 
  • Ghost in the Machine
  • The Network
  • Curse of the Fairground

So, something to look forward to then…all I have to do is write them!

Don’t forget you can purchase a copy of The Ghost Writer on Amazon

Until we blog again!


Liane x


G’Day Sydney

Wow! What can I say? Sydney is amazing. Arrived last night and went down to circular quay this morning, bought some souvenirs (yes, Aran I did get you a kangaroo scrotum pouch. Kat, I’m working on the flatout bear. Milly, so far no luck with your jerky). The thing I love about Sydney though is hailing cabs…none of this queuing or phoning for one and waiting half hour wondering if it will turn up…just put out your hand, and they stop. Saw the sheer mass that is the Sydney harbour bridge today which I shall be climbing on Thursday…oh shit! Like a numpty I forgot the battery for my camera, left it in my hotel room…that’s okay, I’ll go back down there when the sun goes down. Until then! See y’all later.


Hey guys,

Adding more photos to the blog at the mo and also writing loads of poems, had a sudden rush of inspiration that I don’t know where it came from. Ah well, who am I to argue with creativity? 


Liane x

Help For Heroes (again…)

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Blog Update

New Poems and Photos Updated….Please take a look around and leave a comment or two….cheers


So I’m starting a poll…Is the world ready for Leemo? AKA Liane Hoare. 27 year old freelance photographer, writer and all round awesome human being is ready to unleash herself on the world. California should be warned that Leemo means business and is ready to make something of her life. And all this before she reaches 30. It’s make or break time. Make something of said life and break ties with the UK and all that is in there, except for friends and family. Nothing to hold her back and everything going for her.

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Liane Hoare Photography and Poetry

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Trip to Stonehenge

After getting up at 6am this morning to catch the 7.10 train to London Victoria I was disapointed with the rain as it was coming down like cats and dogs. So you could say I thought today would be a complete washout. Got on the mini bus at the coach station and it rained non stop all the way to Salisbury. We parked up outside Stonehenge and the sun came out. No blue skies but it had stopped raining. Dave the mini bus driver gave us an hour to walk around there so we could take photos, buy souvenirs etc. Poor guy was trying to keep everyone entertained but I was the only English person on the tour so no one would talk to him except for me. They didn’t understand him cursing the other drivers on the road but I found it funny. Got some pictures walking round the pile of rocks that is Stonehenge, sky looks a little washed out so think may have to salvage them in Photoshop later…if I knew where to begin that is! Apart from the panorama of canary wharf all the other photos I take are unedited…eau de naturelle you could say, and as 90% of the 8 people on today’s excursion would say as they were French. It was a good day out though and I’m now sat on the train to go back to caterham to pick up my printer from my aunt’s that I sold on amazon. 50 more quid to put in my California fund! So before the battery dies on my iPhone as it’s flashing red lights at me now I’ll say cheerio. I’ll upload the finished pics later on today when I get back to Merstham. In the meantime here’s one I took on my phone earlier.


So I was in Croydon today after seeing the latest Jackie Chan film in the cinema. Yeah, I know that The Spy Next Door is one of those “family” films but it’s Jackie Chan and it was so funny!
Anyway, back on subject. So I was walking down towards Argos and was walking past XElectrical when something caught my eye. Inside there was this beautiful blue electro acoustic guitar made by Ashton and I fell in love with it straight away. I went inside and it had to be mine so after a but of bartering with the shopkeeper I got him down to 95 quid which is a bargain when you hear how awesome it sounds. I’m in no way a guitar hero as I’m only just starting out but I can play the basic chords and the whole of REM’s Everybody Hurts from start to end. And to be fair I only picked up Alan’s guitar two months ago and borrowed it for one week. Now I have my own and thanks to the Gibson iPhone app it’s sorting me out no end. Plus this heavenly guitar has it’s own built in tuner as well. Bonus! I’m very happy with my purchase as I’m starting to string sounds together that actually fit in with some of my poetry. In My Defence is one I’m working on at the moment. Now all I need is a little recording studio. So, I write and take photos and now I’m making music. I love my life! Now if only I can get paid for doing the things I love. Anyway, I’m gonna catch up with Monday’s Flash Forward on five on demand and get an early night as Stonehenge is waiting for me and Canon la DSLR bright and early tomorrow morning. Pictures to follow tomorrow night. Until then I bid you farewell. Adios Amigos, Auf Weidersein, Au Revoir, Adieu, Ciao!