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My Super(hero) Step-Brother

Hi to my wonderful followers,

I’m taking another rare moment of non-gloom to tell you about my amazing family. Obviously if it wasn’t for certain family members, i.e. my mum and dad, I wouldn’t be here today. And sadly there are some nasty fucking people out there that wish I wasn’t but there we go, I could say the same about you and yours but I’m not that petty. But anyway, this post isn’t about me, it’s about family, in particular a certain individual who deserves more credit than he receives from his peers. The whole of the Joyce family are amazing in fact.

Let’s start with my Step-Mum, Jean, who has always been there for me with plenty of advice and hugs.

Next we take the baby of the clan. Well, she’s not so much a baby anymore. I remember Becks when she was a baby and now she’s at University on her way to earning herself a degree in Sociology.

Next we have Benji, simply the most talented artist I have ever seen. He drew my dad a portrait of Elvis Presley for his birthday and it was absolutely stunning, so lifelike. I keep asking him to do one of Mackenzie for me but he’s busy with his Uni work at the moment. One day though, that boy will be famous for his art.

Then there’s Matty. I remember Matt when he was little and when we went to Nutfield Priory Park. He’s grown a fair bit since then. Been to university and passed his degree, now on his way to becoming a teacher.

Marvellous Mickey, their Mum, who’s done a sterling job bringing up three such wonderful (not so) kids. I remember when we went on holiday to Spain over ten years ago, big family holiday, she was there for me and gave me some good advice. I hope I can be as good as mum to Mackenzie as she has been to Matt, Ben and Rebecca.

Finally we have Tyron, sir. Chief Superintendent of West Yorkshire Police who started off as a Beat Bobby in Croydon 20 years ago and worked his way up the ladder. You thoroughly deserve where you have got to, sir, and I am proud to call you my brother. Forget the step part. Not a day goes by that I don’t look up to you and your family with the upmost respect and awe. You are my (super) hero and I know we didn’t grow up together but it doesn’t change how much I look up to you brother.
Love to you all
LH x