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Scream 4

Or Scre4m as the BBFC screen had it. As my first movie review I will try to be honest but avoid giving away any spoilers as best I can.
It’s the ten year anniversary since the infamous Woodsboro Murders and Sidney Prescott has returned to the town haunted by memories of her past. We of course have Deputy Dewey who is now the sheriff and married to Gale who is now a struggling novelist (I know that feeling!). We are introduced to a couple of Sidney’s family members, namely her cousin Jill and aunt. The bodies start to mount up and we begin to see “Ghostface” means business and is intent on making Sidney suffer. But is it really Sidney that all events are revolving around now? Could it be Jill’s world is falling apart instead? I guess you will need to watch it to find out.
All in all it was okay, some moments stand out, some you think WTF but with a killer cast if you pardon the pun like of course the original trio: Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courtney Cox (I wonder how awkward it was for those two to act as a married couple considering the public breakup they had). But Rory Culkin (yes, Macauley’s little bro), Haydn Pannitiere (Save the Cheerleader, Save the world) and the rest of them stepping in some very big shoes they did pretty well considering. I give it a 7/10 for making me jump in places (Wes Craven is the only man that can pull that off) and for giving me a twist that not even I saw coming! As ten years later playing homage to the originals it is good, as a sequel not so much.
Stay tuned for more upcoming reviews!
Liane 😉