My experience of being burgled

It sucks. There’s not much you can say about it really. To walk back into the place you call home and find that you’re life has been violated is a terrifying experience. No words can describe the emotions you feel when you walk around your home and see the mess that has been left and the sinking feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you realise what’s missing…laptops, cameras and jewellery. Things you take for granted and memories you can never replace. My laptop was my life. Materialistic of me I know but it contained my stories and photos. Useless to anyone but me. A video camera containing videos of Australia, pet rats, my boy (worse still, his christening). Physical items that can be replaced but it’s what’s inside that can’t.
I shadowed the scenes of crime officer as she forensically examined the property. Fascinating subject, despite the horrible thing that has happened to us, I learnt a lot and she was kind enough to show me various examples of prints, sadly the only ones found were my partners as they were wearing gloves. We cleaned up after everyone else went home and things started sinking in.
The aftermath is the worst thing as I’ve been left with the fear that they may come back. All the “what-ifs” going through my mind. What if they come back while I’m by myself with Mackenzie? What if they come back while we are out again? I’m scared to be here and I’m scared to go out. I watch people walk past, paranoid that it could’ve been them that did this to us. Things made worse by the PCSO that came round for a chat and made out like it was our fault that this happened, that now we have been targeted it could happen again. I’m now so scared that I just want to move away from here but we could never afford it as we have no extra income. I don’t get any help from the government as my partner works even though 100% of his money is tied up in other things. All they look at is incoming, not outgoings. This country sucks as it helps illegal immigrants and lazy people who cant be bothered to get a job but refuse to help those who work hard but need that extra help to keep their heads above water. I can’t afford to go back to work as there is no one to look after Mackenzie and we can’t afford child care as we can’t get tax credits. All I can say is fcuk you David Cameron.
This year has really had its ups and downs. January I was diagnosed with an incurable, degenerative condition (down), February I was made redundant (down), July Mackenzie was born (up), November we got engaged (up), December we get burgled (down). Now, if things come in threes can we have another up to balance out the equation? I dont know if I can take anything else bad happening to us…


About lianehoarephotography

Well the name is Liane Hoare as you could possibly guess from the name of this website and the nature of it should tell you that I have a keen interest in photography and poetry. I am in no-way a professional photographer but one day, who knows. Any spare time I have you will find me out and about with my digital camera, which at the moment I use a Kodak Z710 which has a 12 x optical zoom so I can get close to my subjects without getting too close. I try to get out as much and as often as possible, whatever the weather. I go to Carshalton Ponds in Surrey on a regular basis, I have a good rappor with the squirrels there. No matter where I go though I take my camera out with me. You'll find photos on here from Manchester, Kent, Caterham, Cardiff, Brighton and London. Animals are my favourite subjects, I try to get snaps of squirrels, birds and even pets belonging to friends and family. You could say that nature is where I am most comfortable. I have only really shown a keen interest in photography for about two years now since I got the Kodak Z710, before I just used to take a little 3 x digital zoom camera out with me when I went out with friends - as you do. Now it has become a hobby I would like to turn into a career. I try to enter photography competitions when I can nowadays and recently entered into one on the National Trust, I'll do anything to get noticed now - within reason of course. With regards to poetry, I've been writing that for over 10 years now. In the past I used to write things down, put it away and forget about it, until one day someone found some, read it and told me to do something with them. I started off by posting them on Facebook a few months ago, just to see what people thought and I was needless to say surprised by the comments. To me it's always been a very personal thing, something that I would keep to myself as I thought that other people would shun or laugh at it, I didn't expect people to say they actually thought it was good. That's when I decided to put together this website. Combined with my photos I feel it gives a good insight to the person I am and who I am capable of being and hopefully you will feel the same way. In the future I would like to be a professional photographer, and writer come to that. My ultimate goal is to live in California and be set up with my own business in said fields. And I hope that one day I could make my dream a reality. I've since upgraded to an EOS Canon 100d DSLR camera and have never looked back. Best thing I ever did!

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